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Symantec Backup Exec Capacity Edition
Protects an unlimited number of Microsoft or VMware guest virtual machines per host


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Symantec Backup Exec 2012 Capacity Edition Windows Licenses
Backup Exec 2012 Capacity Edition Windows Standard License, 1 Year
BAND-S: Price Per TB.
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Backup Exec 2012 Capacity Edition Windows Competitive Upgrade License, 1 Year
BAND-S: Price Per TB. *Competitive Upgrade Price. Requires exiting competitive solution to qualify.
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In the last few years a number of organizations are finding traditional methods of software licensing based upon the total numbers of applications, CPUs, servers or some combination thereof, more difficult to manage. Instead they are looking for capacity based software licensing models where they get all the backup software agents, options and features available for a fixed fee based upon the total amount of storage capacity consumed.

Fueled by more organizations looking at disk-based backup, subscription models, and virtualization, capacity-based licensing is being considered by larger IT environments. This licensing approach offers an "all you can eat" model for licensing backup components. For a number of organizations this means results in licensing of backup components that couldn't be afforded in the Backup Exec "a la carte" mode – picking and choosing agents and options as appropriate to their environment.

The Backup Exec family now offers a new capacity based licensing model for Backup Exec 2012 aimed at organizations with complex environments who require easier purchasing and maintenance by capacity as an alternative to existing "a la carte" pricing. The new capacity model includes access to an unlimited number of Backup Exec agents and options with a single license.

Customers may now choose to license Backup Exec based upon a traditional model or a capacity based model. Traditional model licenses are essentially component based (i.e., based upon the O/S type and the number of assets and functionality required to protect the environment). The capacity model simplifies how customers manage their backup environment by basing licenses on the amount of data to be protected (front-end data). This approach provides customers with more flexibility by allowing them to focus on how to best protect data regardless of the type of machine or method of protection used (e.g., tape, disk) and where the data is stored (e.g., multiple sites).

Backup Exec 2012 Capacity Edition licensing is based on the aggregate amount of uncompressed data residing on the ("front end") production systems to be protected. The advantage of working from the "Front End" capacity is that it is easier to predict requirements, rather than trying to understand or determine reduction ratios of deduplication and compression technologies. Depending on your situation, a capacity based licensing model, instead of an “a la carte” agent and option based model, may be a dramatically easier and cheaper. Traditionally, organizations buy per-server licenses, per-agent licenses, and per-option licenses.

With one single product, or one single unit, priced per Terabyte (initial pricing starts at 2TB), the new capacity based model gives you unlimited numbers of agents and options, and it is just the total amount of data you want to be backed up that needs to be licensed. Backup Exec users can expand the feature rich capabilities of Backup Exec (without increasing costs) via the capacity model due to the all-inclusive benefits. Backup Exec continues to offer flexibility with multiple licensing strategies.

Note: DLO is not included